What is off site CCTV Monitoring? Off site CCTV monitoring is a cost effective security solution that ensures protection of your business property, Farm, Mobile assets or Home from criminal activity. Spy CCTV Pty Ltd Monitors with the help of (Intelligent Video Systems)

What is IVS (Intelligent Video Systems)? An Intelligent Video Surveillance System, or IVS, is a breakthrough technology included with the newest generation of IP Network and IOT Security Cameras. These features include Tripwire, Intrusion, Abandoned Object, Missing Object, Scene Change, People counting and Auto Tracking.The IVS suite of features is the wave of the future. Its cutting edge technology that will save you from the added costs of installing expensive outdoor Beams and Detectors

The Tripwire Feature is a effective way to capture movement versus having an overall motion detect. With Tripwire, you can draw a line across a door, a window, or boundary wall you would want to be alerted and be sent a live video link on your I phone or android device when someone walks through the door or climbs through or over a balcony or window, for example. Think of it in terms of all those spy movies where an alarm would go off because someone “tripped” a laser beam. But, instead of a laser beam (which is very expensive to install) these cameras use virtual tripwires that are drawn in

The Intrusion Feature is another Effective way to capture movement. Like Tripwire, it also detects when someone or thing crosses its barrier. But, instead of just a line, you can draw any kind of line shape. This is great for places like a parking lot, warehouse or high risk areas

Scene Change is one of the most important features of IVS. This feature will alert you when the scene that the camera is viewing changes. For instance, if an intruder comes in and moves the camera or covers up the camera or blacks out the camera.

The Abandoned Object Feature is perfect for places such as an airport, train station, bus station, or any other area where suspicious bags or packages left unattended. This feature allows you to draw an area where you would need to monitor for these “drop offs” and be able to receive an alert when a package or object is left unattended for even a brief period of time.

The Missing Object Feature works in situations where you might want to be notified when an object goes missing. This feature is perfect for a warehouse or store room applications where there are important objects you want to keep track of.

The People Counting Feature is a Statics based feature that counts People in and out of a specific area providing data reports such as day report, month report and year reports

The PTZ autotrack tracking Feature is an innovative feature that transforms manually controlled PTZ(Pan Tilt and Zoom) cameras into automated tracking systems that keep an moving object in focus and centered in the frame. It follows the object where stationary cameras would lose the object once out of the fixed cameras field of view.