What is off site CCTV Monitoring? Off site CCTV monitoring is a cost effective security solution that ensures protection of your business property, Farm, Mobile assets or Home from criminal activity. Spy CCTV Pty Ltd Monitors with the help of (Intelligent Video Systems) and the Latest AI (Smart Motion Detect) Video technologies available

What is IVS (Intelligent Video Systems)? An Intelligent Video Surveillance System, or IVS, is a breakthrough technology included with the newest generation of IP Network and IOT Security Cameras. These features include Tripwire, Intrusion, Abandoned Object, Missing Object, Scene Change, People counting and Auto Tracking.The IVS suite of features is the wave of the future. Its cutting edge technology that will save you from the added costs of installing expensive outdoor Beams and Detectors

Two-way Talk is a unique and leading technology in the CCTV industry. It realizes intercommunication between the monitoring center and the monitored site in the video surveillance system. It is able to deliver vocal info instantly and receive feedback at the same time. Also, the recording contains audio evidence from both sides.